Friday, 23 October 2015

Something a little different.

Due to an administrative cock up (by me) I uploaded an image to the blog from my iPhone, and for some reason ended up really quite small when it was clicked on the computer.

Well, rectified that and changed the font to one more appropriate for the subject matter :)

As I said in the original post, this is really just an experiment to see if a Dalek comic is possible using toys rather than the more time consuming CGI route I have taken in the past.
The photos in this were taken on my iPhone, so are not as clear as they would be if taken with my camera and some lights.

What it shows me is that it IS possible to do a nice looking Dalek comic this way.

All I really need to do now is write up a story that won't need that many sets, no humans (joints, yuck) and would keep the spirit of my previous Dalek comics.  I do also have Daleks which would make Jennings style TV21 stories possible, including a Golden Emperor I built for them, the Black Dalek and a Red Dalek.

Anyway... here is the updated image and hopefully it will open without issues.

Again, please note that this is not a finished page of a proposed comic, it's a test of sorts :D


  1. Nice, but the image is too small when I click on it to see and appreciate it the way it deserves to be.

  2. Kid, I've altered the pic, and it should open as a new image rather than a small image on the same page.

    1. That's much better. Is there no way you could replicate the lettering of the TV21 Daleks strips 'though? The style you're using doesn't quite work for me. Apart from that, the page looks great.

  3. I've used the Dalek font on this version. I think it's what I used on the CGI comics too. What font would you suggest as an alternative? Had a look at the TV21 pages and it looks like normal lettering. Comic Sans just looks a bit bland really, but may be the easiest to read.
    I'll take all the advice I can get Kid.

    1. The lettering to me on some of your other pages seems to be just a bit too big and narrow. Also, the positioning of them could be slightly better, if you don't mind me saying so. There's also too much space between the lines. The lettering style you're using looks too much like 'typeset', so you need a font that looks like 'comicbook' lettering. As far as the Daleks' speech goes, I think you should try and preserve that particular style, but the letters should be verging towards square-shaped rather than vertically oblong.

  4. Thanks for that Kidd. I really appreciate that.

    Positioning the bubbles, when I come to do an actual comic I'll make allowances for that when I rough the pages out. When I did my CGI ones I had been helped by John Ridgway in terms of guidance. He was a lot of help to me.

    For the fonts I'll have to have a look for some new ones. I also have to do the pages to 72dpi for the Internet rather than 300, which I used for Space Girls and Red Moon Detective Agency.

    I haven't done any comic work for around 5 years so I'm very rusty. :D

  5. Great to see the new posts/pix, Iain! LOVE your special weapons Dalek!!