Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Random artwork

Here are some pieces of TV21-based Dalek artwork I've done over the years which I'm particularly happy with.

Mock TV21 Annual cover

Definitely feeling nostalgic for this work again... hmmmm....
Some more...

These next two use familiar 1960s Dalek books, but use the Dalek from the Dalek Book annual from 1964/65...

Finally, not a comic Dalek, but CGI models of the 60s MARX Dalek toy.  The yellow Daleks came out in the mid 70s (with a red one)... hence the rather limp "Life on Mars" gag... well I thought it was funny at the time...

That's all for now.


  1. Excellent stuff, sir. I'm surprised JP hasn't been on to leave a comment drooling over your fab pics.

    1. Thanks Kid... much appreciated.

    2. Yeah, sorry I'm late, Iain, I''m miles behind with the blogs! Busy , busy, Phew!

  2. I really want that TV21 annual! How much?