Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Ron Turner's Daleks

These are my only copies of TV Century 21 with Dalek comics on the back by the maestro Ron Turner.

Love them. 


  1. Terrific stuff. I have to confess a preference for Richard Jenning's Daleks strips 'though. Did you buy the Marvel reprint of all 104 Daleks pages in 1994?

  2. Yes I have the Marvel reprint special, but wish they'd do a new print. Deserves a more robust publication with better paper.

    1. Also deserves to be shot from flat copies of TV21 rather than bound copies, which caused a curve in the right-hand side of the pages in the Special. Would prefer it to be shot from the original art, but that's probably scattered to the far corners. There was a Daleks Special some months back that printed the first 3 pages from the original art.

  3. Can't remember if I mentioned this before, but keep an eye out for Vwoorp Vwoorp #3 fanzine, which will include John Lawrence's final story which Ron was working on just before he died, now finished off by another artist.